Horus Heresy Box Set Blood Angels Sandakan Hobby 2022
Horus Heresy Box Set Blood Angels Sandakan Hobby 2022
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What is WarCry

WarCry is a standalone skirmish tabletop game that takes place in Warhammer: Age of Sigmar universe.

Depending on the rules you use, you will be able to enjoy battles with 2, 3 or 4 players, forging allegiances, and battle each other.

Fight thrilling tactical skirmishes with only a handful of models in a fraction of the space taken by a traditional wargame.

Why is this hobby so popular?
Some people think that this game has the best rules, the game play is fast, and you can play multi-players.

Building and painting your own warband is a lot of fun. Plus your warband will always be special and unique compared to other warbands. You can use all the factions and miniatures that are in Age of Sigmar.

The game and lore is published by Games Workshop.

Choose a Game Title to play or create your own

  • WarCry: Heart of Ghur
  • WarCry: Red Harvest

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