Horus Heresy Box Set Blood Angels Sandakan Hobby 2022
Horus Heresy Box Set Blood Angels Sandakan Hobby 2022
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What is Necromunda

Necromunda is a skirmish tabletop game that takes place in the time of Warhammer 40,000 universe, although it is a separate game altogether.

Necromunda is the name of the planet that the game is set in. You can play a number of settings, in the irradiated wasteland named the Ash Wastes, or in a Hive city, fighting between rival gangs.

Necromunda was founded some 15,000 years ago as a mining and manufacturing colony. In the millennia since, mountains have been reduced to rubble for the ore within and seas have become oceans of chemical sludge. Billions live, work, fight, and die in huge cities known as hives, never seeing the light of day. In the world outside, gangs and nomadic tribes war endlessly for control of valuable trade routes across the irradiated Ash Wastes.

Why is this hobby so popular?
This is a action game that took places in the time of Warhammer 40,000 and while it operates much the same way, it has its own rules and models.

Necromuda miniatures has its own character types of gangs, modular terrain, and gaming mats. You get to build and paint your own miniatures, and battleground.

The game and lore is published by Games Workshop. This game is played between 2 players.

Choose a faction to play as

  • Ash Waste Nomads
  • House Orlock
  • Underhive Outcast Gangs
  • Slave Ogryns
  • Palanite Enforcers
  • Corpse Grinder Cults
  • House Van Saar
  • House Delaque
  • House Escher
  • House Cawdor
  • House Goliath

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