Model Tools

Here are a few tools from Citadel you should use to make your miniature model hobby easier.
These quality tools are perfect to prepare miniature models for build and paint.
Citadel Fine Detail Cutters
Citadel Fine Detail Cutters helps you remove the model from the spruce. These cutters are sized just right so you can avoid damaging the mini model when you remove them from their plastic spruce.

Citadel Knife
Citadel Knife has a tip like a exacto knife, making it precise. Modellers around the world use this type of knife for fine control.

Citadel Painting Handle
The Citadel Painting Handle fits comfortably in the palm of your hand, allowing you to paint more accurately with less strain.

Citadel Mouldline Remover
Citadel Mouldline Remover helps you remove mouldlines from the model after you remove it from the spruce. This is clean up the model for building and painting.

Citadel Drill
Citadel Drill is perfect for making minute adjustments to gun barrels, crafting battle damage to armour and for modifying how the model stands. It is also great if you like to kitbash models and make special custom sets.

Citadel Colour Spray Stick
Citadel Spray Stick is simple to use. You use the elastic bands to pin your models, allowing you to spray up to 10 models faster and more thoroughly.

Defender Carrier Bag
This bag is foam lined to protect your miniatures when you travel to a game. Defender bags comes in 2 sizes – Legion and Skirmish bag. The perfect protection for your models.

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